Toilet Bidets Sprayer Set Brushed Nickel, Handheld Bidet for Bathroom, Easy to Install Bidet For Bathroom, Stainless steel Wire Drawing Shattaf Toilet Set -Shcasa

Brushed Nickel surface bidet sprayer gun, brushed nickel is a metal processing technology, which is the most popular surface treatment technology in the stainless steel and aluminum products industry . The surface is matt, look carefully at the top of the texture, but can not touch it. It is more wearable than the general bright stainless steel, it looks more graded.

Easy to set up :Before install the spray for toilet,please read our instruction manual ,we will quickly and easily install the sprayer well in a few minutes .

Multiple purposes:a wonderful cleaning bidet spray set for flushing floor drain,flush the corner of the corner,Clean the toilet and toilet cover,flush household items,a good gift for our family.

Packaged included: Brass T-Valve Adapter, Bidet Hose & Wall Mount/Hook Holder.A complete bidet set for home use .

30 days 100% Moneyback Guarantee with quality reasons,5 years quality assurance.

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Quality insurance for our toilet bidet : 1:Our bidet hose uses a PEX inner tube, a safer material that has several advantages over metal pipe or rigid plastic pipe systems. The outer casing of the bidet hose is covered 304 stainless steel, with brass nuts, and anti-twist. 2: Our bidet sprayer head is 304 Stainless steel and the inner trigger that pulls the handle is brass. ?3:Our toilet hook holder is 304 stainless steel while the wall mount holder is brass. 4:Our T-Valve adapter has a brass body, zinc aloy handle, and ceramic cartridge The useful for using a bidet : 1:Because the postpartum body is weak, the squat is unfavorable, and the use of a bidet is simple and convenient, and can be kept clean at all times, effectively preventing postpartum infection. 2:Taking into account that women’s urethral opening and anal septum are very close to the vagina, the use of toilet paper can not really clean thoroughly! The baptismal washing and tempering drying function, effectively maintain the health of women, always keep freshrizontal pushing switch,Which can exchange 3 different water flows, small, medium and large mode easily. 3:A good tool to clean the corner stains,washing,rinse,also can clean the cloth diaper easily We deserve to have this magical bidet sprayer set

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