GOOVI 3/4 Inches x 16 Inches Black Malleable Steel Pipe Fitting, 3/4 Inches Black Pipe Threaded Pipe Nipples, Build Vintage DIY Shelving Steampunk Furnitur, 10 Pack.

Create the living space of your dreams – Why settle for cheap furniture and shelving? Our cast iron pipes can help you create the perfect rustic modern design. Just take a look at the industrial shelving examples below. can be adapted to many different projects with the right pipe shelf bracket.

Solid, durable, and long lasting – You’ll feel the quality the moment you pick up one of our rods. Cool, There’s nothing better to create an industrial wall shelf with. With our pipes you will create rugged masterpieces. And we sell durable industrial shelf brackets, too.

As easy as screwing in a light bulb – There’s no complex instructions or box full of styrofoam. If you can turn a screw, you can bring the vintage beauty of industrial décor to your home or office. makes a much appreciated gift for friends, family, and co-workers.

Organization has never been so simple – Pipe shelving is super customizable. Do you need a small coffee bar? Done. A pipe shelf for your book collection? Simple. How about an entire closet organizer? No problem. Just buy the lengths you need and give yourself an hour. You won’t believe how fast your home or office space gets organized.

Wow your friends and family – Ever had the pleasure of seeing your best friend’s jaw drop when they see your living room? Put together an open shelving design around your entertainment center and you’ll have everyone you know saying, “Your place looks so awesome!”

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