Universal Mobile Base Fridge Stand with 4 Strong Feet Multi-Functional Adjustable Base for Adjustable Dryer, Washing Machine and Refrigerator (4 Strong Feet)

The Movable base is mainly used for the bottom of portable washing machines, washer and dryer, freezer and refrigerator, mini fridge or other home appliance.

Easy to Assemble,Pre-installed 4 big feet, customers only need to insert the tube to use .Adjustable :Length: 42.5-68cm,Width: 42.5-68cm, And Height:10.5-13cm.Please measure your machines size firstly when you order.

Large diameter feet for more stability.With 4 vibration-proof pads, Reduce the noise

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Specifications Material: PVC and stainless steel. Maximum Width: 27 inches. Maximum Length: 27 inches. Minimum Width: 17 inches. Minimum Length: 17 inches. Height: 4-5 inches. 100% brand new and high quality. Performance Built with sturdy PVC pieces and stainless-steel poles, this dolly has a weight limit of a hefty 300lb, making moving large furniture or appliances like washing machines and dressers fast and effortless. Sitting on top of 8 rubber swivel wheels, this dolly roller can be moved across any smooth flooring with little effort. When you want the cart to stay still, four Double wheels lock with a flip of a switch to ensure the dolly won?t move unexpectedly. Suitable for dryer, washing machine, refrigerator, air conditioner, heavy equipment, heavy flower pots and so on. Base height of4-5 inches, keep the bottom ventilated, easy to clean and reduce the water to keep clean. Durable , firm, adjustable dimension and convenient movement. Note: 1.The depth of the inserted panel at both ends of the steel pipe should remain the same (>5cm) 2.Place the weight in the center of the panel?Steel pipes can not be stressed, otherwise the panel will be cracked and the steel pipe will be deformed.Package include 4 Sturdy PVC Corner Pieces 4 Sturdy Stainless Steel Poles 4 pieces of anti-skid pads 4 Legs Multi-Functional Adjustable

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