SaniteModar 6-in Square Shower Drain comes with Tiled Stealth and 304 Stainless Steel Brushed Chrome 2 and 1 Panels. The Shower Drain is Equipped Hair Filters and Threaded Joint with Rubber Seal?

[Specifications and displacement] The size of square shower drain is 6 inches. The diameter of outlet is 2 inches. It can be achieved high displacement with an average of 60 l/min (without filter mesh) and remove the residual water at the bottom effectively

[Material and Process] The square shower drain is made of high quality AISI 304 stainless steel, thick brushed nickel panel. Besides, the square shower drain is also made of special production technology to prevent corrosion and rust. It has passed CE and WATERMARK test certification to ensure product safety and functionality

[Areas of application] High displacement of square shower drains are suitable for use in bathrooms, kitchens, garages, swimming pools, basements and other areas to drain the water

[Cleaning and Maintenance] After using for a period of time, open the panel of square shower drain and take the filter mesh out. Washing the filter mesh with water. It is very easy to clean

[Description of Accessories]Open the panel from both sides of the shower drain by using a hook,the strainer can filter hair and particulate impurities effectively.Threaded joints with rubber ring to adjust the height of the drain.It can be used with all 2-inch PVC,ABS and cast iron drain fittings on the market to secure the drain to the flange and to prevent water leakage.shower drain base:B07RPRBM43

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Name:Square Tile Insert Shower Drain 6″
Size:6″(L)x 6″(W) x 2.3″(H)
Choose SaniteModar Shower Drain,Choose Better Showering Experience All Around
Easy to Install and Clean
Our floor shower drain is very easy to install and can use a hook to open the panel easily and clean the long hairs and particulate impurities.It may be saved a lot of your time
Good Quality, Reasonable Price
Our square floor shower drain made of highest standard 304 stainless steel protect against corrosion & rust with CE and WATERMARKED certified
High Displacement,Drain Fast
Our stainless steel shower drain can achieve an average of 60 L/min (without filter mesh) remove the residual water at the bottom effectively
Well Package,All Accessories
Our shower drain comes with 1 x shower drain body,1 x drain cover,1 x Hair Strainer,1 x Lifting hook,1 x Threaded adapter,1 x Accessories of foam.The shower drain base is not included
Areas of Application
Our floor tile insert shower drain suitable for bathrooms, kitchens, garages, swimming pools, basements and other areas to drain the water
Worry-free Warranty
At SaniteModar which is focused on creating the eternal cleanliness of your bathroom space with the utmost quality.we believed in our product,so we provide 2 years warranty and professional customer service.Please do not hesitate to contact us

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