Titan Mall 72×80″ Upgraded Magnetic Screen Door with Durable Fiberglass Mesh Curtain Fits Door Full Frame Seal Loop Fits Door- White

FITS ALL DOOR SIZES UP TO 72″x82″ — If your door frame measures 72″ or less in width and 80″ or less in height, then this screen door will be the perfect fit! WARM TIPS: Measure your door before ordering to be sure our screen will fit.

BREEZY INSECT PROTECTION– Keep bugs, mosquitos and other pests out with a screen that seals behind you magnetically as you walk through it. The polyester mesh allows fresh air to circulate while it is shut.

KID & PET FRIENDLY–The polyester mesh fabric is durable enough to withstand thousands of uses, it is also lightweight enough for children and small dogs and cats to walk through and open without using hands.

EASY TO INSTALL–It is super simple, quick and fast to install the screen door. Simply attach it to the door frame with the included Velcro-like strips. Extra push pins are included for added security and strength.

DURABLE MATERIAL– Upgraded mesh curtain with a higher thread count than other cheap screens and full reinforced edges survive the test of time. Comes with premium metal thumbtacks and hook and loop adhesive strips for extra security.

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No more claw marks on your expensive screen door! The Titan mall magnetic screen door opens easily with just a nudge of a head or hand. The screen door?s middle seam is lined with powerful magnets that allow it to close seamlessly behind you like magic! Screen doors are a brilliant way to allow airflow while minimizing the presence of flying insects in your home. The problem with the traditional screen door, is that you have to open it! Dog wants out? Get up and open it. Plate full of barbecued ribs? Better have a free hand to open it. Little Timmy seems to be running rather fast at the screen, does he see it? No, he didn?t see it and he ran right into, or worse, right through it! All of these issues are solved with the Syntrific magnetic screen door, because of it?s magnetic closure. You don?t need a free hand, you can just walk right through and the magnetic seam will seal up behind you. Same for your dog. Same for poor Timmy! Note 1.Measure your door first, choose the size that fits your door. Don?t buy the one which is smaller than your door. 2.Best for wood frame. Please do not buy this if you have a metal door, the magnetic will stick to your door and won?t close. 3.Please make sure the center of the top mesh slightly higher than two sides. It is better to hang screen to the floor. Don?t let too much screen put on the floor, it will impact the effect of closing. 4.The mesh is used for single door only. 5.Please read instructions on the webside before installation, it will help you install magnetic screen doors correctly. Suggestion : If you need extra hook&loop or to replace, please search ?Titan Mall Magnetic Screen Door? on Amazon. Or send us a message by Amazon message system.

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