QLOUNI 826 Piece Universal O-Ring Kits Assortment SAE + Metric Rubber NBR O-Ring Gasket Set for Plumbing, Automotive and Faucet Repair + 4 Piece O-Ring and Seal Remover

[Function] This O-Ring Assortment Set holds 407pcs SAE standard rubber o-rings and 419pcs metric universal standard rings Provides sealing and prevents leaking for a wide range of applications such as plumbing, machinery, hydraulic & pneumatic repairs and much more.

[Oil Seal Hook] We offer 4pcs extra hook and pick set, it will allow you to easily remove O-Rings and various seals and bushings. The long shaft allows you to access areas that conventionally sized hook and picks just can’t reach. These long hooks and picks are perfect for removing hoses, moldings, clips, clamps, seals, O-rings, cotter pins, gaskets and more!

[Premium Quality] High quality rubber construction gives these o-rings oil and UV resistance,make rings with extra thick wall design provides long-term use.

[O-Ring Assortment] Metric standard have 32 sizes from 3 mm I.D. to 50 mm I.D. SAE standards have 32 sizes from 1/8” I.D. x 1/4” O.D. to 2” I.D. x 2-1/4” O.D.

[Convenience in storage] Each type one comes in a heavy-duty plastic storage case that keeps each size separated and organized; Red box for SAE rings and Blue box for metric rings for you clarify easy.

, 0607860934928, 607860934928

QLOUNI SAE Metric Rubber O-Ring Washer Assortment Kit Automotive Storage Case ORing SetFeatures:Oil Seal Hook Easily remove stubborn seals or difficult O rings with ease with the Oil Seal Screwdriver Set.Commonly Used Sizes This set includes 32 commonly found ring sizes that will fit any job you need. The sizes in this set works great for applications such as: plumbing, hydraulics, machinery, pneumatic tools, and so much more.Ultimate Flexibility NBR material allows o rings to be flexible while maintaining its durable construction.Great Organization Set comes organized in a sturdy case that fits conveniently in your tool drawer or anywhere you go. It easily snap closes and holds all your rings in a neat fashion so you can easily identify which size you need rather than scramble through unorganized bags.Specifications: Material: Made of Nitrile rubber. Colour:Black Metric standard have 32 sizes from 3 mm I.D. to 50 mm I.D. SAE standards have 32 sizes from 1/8? I.D. x 1/4? O.D. to 2? I.D. x 2-1/4? O.D.Package Included: 407Pcs SAE 419Pcs METRIC 4Pcs Oil Seal Hook

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