AKM 1/2-Inch Drive Hand Manual Reversible Impact Driver Set Extractor-12 PCS Impact Screwdriver S2 Steel Much More Durable Disengage Rusted Fasteners or Frozen Bolts

Convenient 1/2 receiver allows use of any 1/2 bit tip or hex nut driver.

Ideal for loosening or removing firmly tightened or rusted screws or bolts.

Package included:1pc x Impact Screwdriver.1pc x Impact Screwdriver Adapter.2pcs x “+” Drill Bits PH3.2pcs x “+” Drill Bits PH2.2pcs x “-” Drill Bits SL8.2pcs x “-” Drill Bits SL10.1pc x Screw Extractor #3.1pc x Screw Extractor #4.

Come with S2 High Alloy Steel impact grade bits have precision-milled tips for exact fit. The impact driver has Corrosion-Resistant Chrome plated finish and non-slip knurled grip.

Number #3 Removes Screws 7/32″ to 9/32″ (Use 5/32″ Drill Bit).Number #4 Removes Screws 9/32″ to 3/8″ & 1/8″ Pipe (Use 1/4″ Drill Bit)

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 ? Easy steps to use the hand impact driver:

Step 1:Install the bit adapter and bit or the appropriate socket on the tool.

Step 2:Grasp the tool firmly in your left hand (if you’re right-handed).

Step 3:Engage the stuck screw or bolt.

Step 4:Apply downward pressure, while at the same time attempting to turn the impact driver in the direction you want the screw to turn. This is generally counterclockwise to loosen, clockwise to tighten.

Step 5:Strike the top of the impact driver with a hammer. Wear heavy gloves to minimize injury if you accidentally hit your hand with the hammer.

Step 6:Continue striking the tool while applying pressure and turning force until the bolt is loosened enough to use a faster tool, such as a socket and ratchet wrench.


Hand impact drivers are great for loosening stuck screws but, to help prevent damage to the screwhead, be sure to clean all dirt from the screw slot.


As with all tools intended to be struck with a hammer, be sure to wear safety glasses when using a hand impact driver.

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