Mother?s Day Black Water Bottle Dispenser Pump Automatic Electric Drinking Water Jug Pump for 1-5 Gallon Jug- USB Rechargeable Li-ion – Ultra-Hygienic BPA-Free Water Kettle Dispenser Portable

_xdc97_【Safety & Health】This rechargeable electric 5 gallon water pump is made with premium quality, long-lasting materials which are 100% BPA-free. High density ABS plastic, no toxic, lead free and no taste of materials, kid friendly, portable, easy to use and set up and are easy to clean!Good water pressure and water flow, great battery life around 15 gallons of water served on a single charge.

_xdc97_【High Compatibility】 This electric water dispenser is suitable for a large variety of bottled drinking water, being compatible with all bottles having cap diameters between 55-60mm Whether it¡¯s for 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 gallon you can confidently use the QIQU hotel water dispenser!Don’t need to pry the lid.No heating or cooling.Good plastic and perfectly useful tool for home use.

_xdc97_【USB Rechargeable Water Dispenser】With a 1500mAh lithium-ion battery and an included USB charging cable, a large functioning autonomy and extremely practical.The Fast Charge Function Will Make Sure Just A Couple Of Hours Are Enough After That Charge It Will Run for 20 Days Or One Month. Can used for 30-40 days or around 4-5 bottles of 5 gallon water once full charged.

_xdc97_【Easy To Use】 no remodeling, no need to drill holes.Just fix, insert and tighten the tube into the bottled water, then press to get start to dispense.Having two available switches which are user-friendly, this 5 gallon water jug is easy to manually maneuver at the press of a simple button. The weight of your cup activates the second switch, filling it with water, and removing it will make the dispenser automatically stop.You can also place pump on the counter beause the hose is pretty long.

_xdc97_【Indoor & Outdoor USE】The electric water bottle pump is easy to install and fast flowing, easy to carry, so it is ideal for offices, outdoor, in a public space, hotel, a picnic or camping activity and anywhere.If you do gardening or growing of any kind this is super convenient to have this outside and not have to go inside to get filtered water from the fridge or use nasty tap water that makes your plants unhealthy. you¡¯ll always have fresh water at your disposal both indoors and outdoors!

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