Huber ZIP System Stretch Tape | 3 inches x 20 feet | Self-Adhesive Flexible Flashing for Doors-Windows

Easily stretches to conform to corners and curves making one-step installation easy

Installation temperature range from 0 – 120 degrees Fahrenheit

High-performance acrylic adhesive is strong, yet stretchable

Easily pulled up and reapplied for fast, hassle-free installation

Great utility tape for all sorts of home improvement projects

, 0728265020211, 728265020211

ZIP System stretch tape is a high performance, extendable self adhered flashing material that locks out air and moisture over a wide range of building substrates and mismatched surfaces. This code-recognized flashing tape stretches and forms around irregular and difficult to seal areas like rough openings, curved window heads, wall and roof penetrations. The strong, yet stretchable, acrylic foam core allows for continuous, single-piece flashing without having to piece tape segments together. It is UV resistant, and unlike most other flashing tapes. By purchasing this product, you affirm that you will not provide any Products to (i) individuals or entities in any country subject to sanctions imposed by applicable U.S. Laws; (ii) individuals or entities on applicable U.S. list of specially designated nationals, denied Parties, or similarly restricted entities; or (iii) individuals or entities who, with knowledge or reason to know, intend to resell Products to individuals or entities in those countries or on those lists.

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