JORESTECH Hard Hat Lime ABS Work-At-Height and Rescue Slotted Ventilated Helmet with 6-Point Ratchet Suspension ANSI Z89.1-14 Certified For Work, Home, and General Headwear Protection HHAT-04

Ventilation holes open or close with adjustable sliding shutters for increased air circulation when needed

Low profile, sleek, modern design that allows for uninterrupted upward vision

Four positioning hooks for easily mounting a headlamp with an elastic headband and keeping it securely in place

Chin strap designed to reduce risk of losing helmet during a fall – great for working at heights or during emergency rescue

Six-point webbing suspension system conforms to the shape of head for improved comfort and greater impact protection

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JORESTECH ANSI Z89.1-14 Certified Hard Hats / Helmets protect the top of the head against falling objects, impacts, bumps, and scrapes. Helmet use is often the best safeguard to protect the head and may be a mandatory requirement by OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration), which requires employers to provide workers with head protection when conditions require.Designed for safety and user comfort, JORESTECH Hard Hats /Helmets are built with modern materials that are strong and lightweight. Their contemporary design makes available to the user a wide variety of adjustments and fit options, some of which may be operated without having to remove the helmet. These helmets are made of a high impact and penetration resistant ABS outer shell. An upgraded shock-absorbing 6-point ratchet suspension system helps the helmet fit more securely, keeping the head centered for balance and added comfort. Upon impact, the suspension system keeps the shell away from the worker?s head, dissipating the force of impact by spreading it over a large area. These hard hats resist blows, impacts, and scrapes as required by ANSI Z89.1-14 Standards. JORESTECH Hard Hats /Helmets offer excellent head protection without compromising comfort during sustained, long-term use, providing safety that the user will forget he/she is wearing.Tested and Marked: ANSI Z89.1-14 and CSA Z94.1-15, Type I Class CSide slots for mounting hearing protectionDesigned for work at height, rescue, and industry professionals, as well as for any situations where helmet safety is recommendedQuick-detach replaceable soft brow pad, suspension, and headbandMultiple adjustment points including vertical height adjustment, to customize fit to user needsSize range: 20? (520 mm) to 25? (630 mm)Comfortable, secure, and snug fitEasily adjustable one-handed ratchet suspension allows the wearer to modify fit without removing helmet

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