LED Dimmer Switch, Allsmartlife Single Pole/ 3-Way 0-10V LED Dimmer for 2×2/ 2×4 LED Flat Panel Light, ETL Listed, Wall Plate Included, White 1-Pack

0-10V LED Dimmer – Provides the best dimming performance for your dimmable LED panel light.

Equip a rocker switch to turn lights on/off and a vertical adjustable slider, you can adjust the light’s brightness according to your needs. Smooth brightening or darkening, no flashing.

Direct Works with Allsmartlife 2×2/ 2×4 LED panel light. If you use it in the other brand of LED panel light, this dimmer requires a 0-10V power supply/drive.

Includes face wall plate, mounting screws and wire caps. For use with up to 150 Watts of dimmable LED/CFL and up to 600 Watts of Incandescent and Halogen lamps.

ETL LISTED. Single-pole applications. 120Volts Input; 0-10 Volts Output Only. Note: This dimmer can generally be adjusted in the range of 1-10V. If you need to adjust it to 0, it is best to turn off this dimmer.

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1.Switch off the circuit breaker for the intended installation area.
2.Remove any existing switch-plate.
3.Verify there is no power to the switch to be replaced.
4.Remove existing switch.
5.Identify and disconnect power wires from switch.
6.Use the wiring diagram below to connect the dimmer between a 0-10V power supply and 0-10V LED light fixture.
7.Carefully replace wiring back into wall box, mount the dimmer with supplied screws.
8.Install switch-plate.
9.Switch power back on at circuit breaker.

1.Install in accordance with all national and local electrical codes.
2.The maximum load of this dimmer is 1400Watts. There is no minimum load.
3.Use copper power wires that are rated for least 75?/167?
4.120Volts Input; 0-10 Volts Output Only.

1.CUT OFF ALL THE POWER CIRCUIT before start installation.
2.120V AC INPUT ONLY. This product requires 0-10V power supply.(Our Allsmartlife 2×2/ 2×4 LED panel light come with a dimmable LED driver so you can follow the instructions to connect.)
3.Shorting output wires may cause damage to dimmer.
4.Always observe proper polarity when connecting power and load.
5.For indoor use only – this product is not waterproof or weatherproof.

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