24″ X 14″ Steel Return Air Filter Grille [Removable Face Door] for 1-inch Filters HVAC Duct Cover Grill, White | Outer Dimensions: 26 5/8″W X 16 5/8″H for 24×14 Duct Opening

Always measure the wall opening to determine which size you should order. Wall Opening Size = Listed Grille Size. If the hole on the wall is 24″(W)x14″(H) please order a 24″x14″ grille.

Handua Return Air Filter Grille used for sidewall or ceiling openings. Our Return Air Filter Grilles do not require screwdriver to open, you can easily open the latch with a finger move.

The door/face is removable for easy filter change and cleaning, this Grill uses a 1″ thick filter (not included).

Using our Return Air Filter Grille within your ventilation system will improve your home circulation. The steel is stamped so there is no sharp edges.

Durable white powder coated, high quality steel removable face allows easy access to replace air filter.

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Return Air Filter Grille for 24″x14″ Duct Opening, White, Steel* 1/3″spaced fins set at 20 degrees.* Effectively conceals filter.* Use standard 1″ thick disposable filters(not included).* Removable face for easy installation and cleaning.* Equipped with adjustable filter retainers.* Primary use: Side wall and ceiling.* Screws are included with the system, standard.* All-steel construction.* Durable white powder coated.* Standard color is white (Ral9016).How To Measure A Grille Always measure the size of the duct opening (the “hole” in the duct/wall). Do not measure the entire size of the register itself. Each grille has a front face frame, that will overlay at wall joint. Entire outer size of the grille is; listed size +2 5/8-inch.Understanding Width & Height In a grille size, the first number always represents the width and the second one is the height. As an Example: If the hole on your wall/duct is 24″ wide by 14″ tall, order a 24×14. If the hole is 14″ wide by 24″ tall, order an 14×24. For this particular product you’re viewing at the moment, the hole on your wall/duct openingshould be 24″Wx14″H. Click the’Add To Cart’ button now to order yourReturn Air Filter Grille!

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