Genie GT912 Compatible Visor Remote Control 9 or 12 dip Switch New

Compatible with ALL Genie garage door openers from 1993 to present.

Compatible with all Genie gated community receivers

Works with Genie 9 switch and 12 switch units Intellicode 1 compatible Intellicode 2

compatible Auto seek dual frequency 315/390 MHz

Easy programing. Package includes visor clip.

, 0734965697196, 734965697196

Also work for this units , G220 – Overhead, Genie, GT912, 912, GT90, GT90-1, GT90-3 and MAT90 Frequency: 390MHz and 315mhz DIP Switch: 2P 12T Size: 3 1/2″ x 2 1/4″ x 3/4″ Color Code: Black Battery: CR2032 included Compatibility: Overhead, Genie, GT912, 912, GT90, GT90-1, GT90-3 and MAT90, Keystone Heddolf G220-1KA. This product has dual function. It is compatible with both 9 dip switch and 12 dip switch receivers , also works for intellicode units 315 and 390 mhz . There are 12 dip switches on your transmitter each of which can be placed in two different positions (ONOFF). These should be placed in the exact same position as the switches on your receiver. For the 9 dip switch model receivers the code selection of the dip switches on your transmitter 1 thru 9 should be set exactly the same as those on your receiver. Switches 10, 11 & 12 on the transmitter should be set in the off position. Do not set all switches to the same position, such as 100% ON or 100% OFF.

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