Homydom Complete Sink Repair Kit System – Never Fall Undermount Sink Installation Kit-Sink Bracket for kitchen,Silver

GREAT CAPACITY – Each package has 5 adjustable rods,1 Allen Key and all the screws necessary, heavy duty brackets with 680 lbs.

STURDY HEAVY DUTY STEEL – Galvanized steel and anti-rust, undermount sink brackets are built tough to ensure durability!

ADJUSTABLE – The angle of bracket head/hinge could swivel to any desired angle.

EASY TO ASSEMBLE – Not need to remove any plumbing at all; Just use your thumb turnbuckle with the Allen key to secure the stud in place, it will work.

EFFECTIVE PROTECTION – Prevents damage of cabinets and countertops.

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Homydom Complete Sink Repair system

?-It solved a long standing problem that even plumbers weren’t able to fix
?-professionally made?No need to remove the sink or plumbing, supply lines, drains, and any other accessories
?-Step: Insert the adjustable rod bracket into the flange of the sink.sencondly,turn the shaft of the turnbuckle until the sink rises and comes into contact with the table. Finally ,tighten the lock nut.
?-Optional shorter adjustable rod brackets can be made in the front center sink if needed

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