Lithonia Lighting WF6 LL 27K30K35K 90CRI MW M6 LED Color Temperature Selectable Ultra Thin Recessed Downlight, 2700K | 3000K | 3500K, 6-Inch, Matte White

ULTRA THIN LED design only requires a 6 inch ceiling hole and 2 inches of ceiling space are needed to fit LED wafer recessed light and UL recognized driver. SAVES MONEY AND TIME changing bulbs – Energy Star rating provides high light output with minimal power usage and will last 36, 000 hours or +16 years when on every day for 6 hours/day

Connect directly to 120V power supply via provided UL recognized driver

EASY AND SAFE INSTALLATION – innovative, slim design allows for easy retrofit, remodel or new construction installation from below the ceiling. Only need 2″ clearance for install

HIGHLY RATED FOR MULTIPLE LOCATIONS – CSA, IC, Airtight and Wet Location listed make LED Wafer ideal for indoor and outdoor residential, hospitality, commercial and multifamily applications and safe to contact insulation. Tips: Customer should verify that fixture is wired properly and verify that the line voltage at the fixture is correct

EXTREMELY BRIGHT DIMMABLE LEDs use 14 watts to provide 1, 150 lumens with an 90 CRI, ranging from 76 to 82 lumens per watt depending on color temperature setting. Dims down to 10% and compatible with select Lutron, Levitron, Synergy and Sensor Switch dimmers

WF6 LL LED 27K30K35K 90CRI MW M6, 0191848254301, 191848254301

The Lithonia Lighting Wafer-Thin LED recessed downlight with remote driver box combines high quality light output and efficiency while eliminating the pot light housing for competitive affordability. This innovative wafer slim Type IC design allows easy installation for new construction or remodel from below the ceiling without the requirement of a pot light housing. Technical Specifications: Power: 13W Input Voltage: 120V (Connects directly to power supply via provided UL recognized driver) Luminous Flux: 1020LM Emitting Color: 3000K(Bright White) Dimmable: Yes Light Source: LED CRI: 80 Surface Size: 6. 7 inches Back Hole Size: 5. 9 inches Dimension: 6. 7 x 6. 7 x 1. 1 inches Light direction: Downlight Average life: 36, 000 hours : 5 years – Limited Electrical: Plenum rated cable connector to connect from module to remote driver box. Isolated driver integrated inside steel remote box with four 7/8″ knockouts with slots for pry-out Meets Highest Industry Standards: CSA certified in the USA and Canada, Energy Star Rated, IC Rated, Wet Listed and Air Tight More electrical information and complete list of compatible dimmers are located on spec sheet How many LED lights do I need for the room? Wafer 6 inch: One unit is needed for about every 2. 5sq feet in an 8 ft ceiling room 3 units for a room ranging from 6sq ft – 9 sq. ft 4 units for a room ranging from 10sq ft – 12 sq. ft 6 units for a room ranging from 12sq ft – 15 sq. ft 9 units for a room ranging from 15sq ft – 19 sq. ft Which light colors work for me? Well, this unit includes three different color temperatures: 2700K (Warm White): Used in family homes, hotels, coffee shops and other warm and sweet environments. 3000K (Bright White): Used in homes with a need of a soft white lighting atmosphere. 3500K (Neutral White): Also used in homes with a need of a soft white lighting atmosphere, but slightly brighter white. Application Areas: Ideal for new constructions, remodels or retrofit installations. Closets, attics, hallways, bathrooms, kitchens, basements, soffits, entry ways, porches, garages Stairwells, corridors, nursing/retirement homes, condos, elevators, apartments, and any other small areas Installation Guide: 1. Double check and measure the ceiling hole. 2. Open the cover of the remote driver box. Push and remove one of the knockouts on the side plate. 3. Connect the remote driver box to the light fixture and tighten nut connector. 4. Place remote driver box through the cut-out hole. 5. Pull the spring clip on the fixture up and through the ceiling hole. Place module in the hole 6. Turn the power on Installation guide for kit included in the package

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