GeilSpace 6 Pack 1/2″ × 18″ Pre-Cut Black Metal Pipe, Industrial Steel Fits Standard Half Inch Black Threaded Pipes and Fittings – Vintage DIY Industrial Shelving (1/2″ × 18″, Black)

SIZE – 1/2″ Steel Pipe, 8 Inches (45.7cm) long, set of 6. LIGHTWEIGHT pipes, used for HOME DECOR. Compatible with NPT 1/2″ fittings.

NOTE – These pipes are PAINTED BLACK, if protective painting at both ends makes pipes hard to screw into fittings, please remove the black painting. (Use knife to cut along thread) The pipe does NOT work with pipe clamps. O.D. of these pipes is smaller than the NPT 1/2″ pipes. (O.D. of these pipes: 20.2mm; O.D. of standard pipes: 21.3mm.)

MATERIAL & PRODUCTS – GeilSpace Pipes are designed with a standard industrial finish; materials and threads constructed from sturdy metal; Unlike most other products on Amazon with grey looking and oily surface, surface of these product series is clean and PAINTED black, which provides better user experience and looking. Our product’s surface is rust-proof when the protective paint layer is intact.

HOW TO USE – Unleash Your Creativity and bring chic, industrial style into your home, office,garage, workshop or any other space with GeilSpace fittings and pipes; choose from our large selection of standard, unique and innovative fittings and pipes to create custom furnishings limited only by your imagination.

MORE CHOICES – Please find more fittings and pipes from our store, we offer the most comprehensive range of fittings and pipes to meet ALL your needs. You can also find standard NPT 1/2″, 3/4 and 1″ Heavy-Duty Pipes in our store.

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GeilSpace iron pipes and fittings are your best choice to help you get all your DIY projects done. Our products provide you Industrial Decor look with adorable price.
-SIZE: Standard 1/2″ Metal Pipe
-PACKAGE: 6 Pack Pipes
-LENGTH: 18 inches (45.7cm)

Color in the picture may be slightly different from that of the real object due to lighting and shooting angle issues.

About GeilSpace
GeilSpace was founded on August 8, 2016 in Hannover, Germany. Our team has been devoted to designing and supplying high quality Industrial style products to distributors and customers around the world.
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