Premium Energy Saving Attic Door Insulation Stairway Cover R-15.5 Stair Ladder Opening Attic Tent with Easy Access Zipper 25″ x 54″ x 11″

[ PREMIUM ] Constructed of of Aluminum Material with insulation inside to allow for an all year round energy savings in your home! Fits doorways that are 25″ x 54″.

[ EASY & FAST INSTALLATION ] Easy to follow instructions included.

[ ATTIC SEAL ] Creates a seal at the attic door to prevent dust or pollutants from entering your home. Increases HVAC efficiency.

[ EASY ACCESS ] Designed with a lower front that is accessed by a high quality zipper to allow you quick and easy access to your attic!

[ MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! ] LIFETIME WARRANTY! 100% Money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied!

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Benefits of an Attic Ladder Insulation Cover:-Works year round in hot summers and cold winters.-Reflects 97% of Radiant heat.-Insulates; Constructed of 2 layers of Aluminum with bubble insulation inside, this acts similar in function to a double pane window with the bubble insulation creating an air space between aluminum which creates a thermal barrier.-Seals and Prevents unwanted drafts.-Prevents Moisture issues from temperature differences in the attic.-Acts as a barrier to prevent dust or pollutants from entering your home.What is radiant heat and how does it impact the temperature of my home?All of the heat from the sun is transferred to the earth in the form of radiant heat, radiant heat travels at the speed of light until it is either absorbed or reflected.  Radiant heat is the invisible energy that is transferred without direct contact from a hot object to a cooler object.  In your home, radiant heat from the sun will transfer through your roof into the attic, your attic insulation acts as a barrier to help prevent the heat from transferring into your home, but without insulation or radiant barrier over the attic entrance, the heat travels directly into your home. This heat transfer will make your heating/cooling system work harder and can cause hot/cold spots in your home.  If you have ever been under a shade tree on a hot summer day, you know first hand how effective a radiant barrier can be.Will this also help in the winter months?Yes, the radiant insulation barrier keeps warm air inside your home using the same principles as well during winter months by acting as an insulation barrier, preventing drafts and reflecting warm air back into your home where it belongs.

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