calimaero KWG 6 inch Round Stainless Steel Ventilation Grill Hood with Rubber Seal

The bull nose wall vent is ideal for application in outdoor areas. The shape of the hood as well as the downwards protruding slats prevent rainwater and too much wind from entering the ventilation system.

The insect screen protects the ventilation system from insects crawling through the slats into the HVAC system. The metal lip prevents water marks on the wall caused by dripping rain water.

INSTALLATION: 1. Install the rubber seal on the outer edge of the hood, sometimes patience is required Insert the lip.

INSTALLATION: 2. Insert the weather protection grille with the nozzle into the ventilation pipe and fasten it to the wall with the enclosed screws. For better attachment in the ventilation tube, hooks are located on the nozzle of the ball bonnet.

Ideal for all tumble dryer vent pipes / hoses, bathroom vents & extractors, air conditioning units, kitchen fans & vents, all home wall vents, heat transfer and ventilation systems, gas & electric dryers, cooker hood extractors, as well as a wide variety of industrial uses.

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