Gutter Guard 3 Inch 304 Stainless Steel Filter Strainer, Stops Leaves Seeds and Other Debris Gutter Cleaning Tool – 4 Pack

GUTTER CLEANING TOOL: The strainer prevents leaves, seeds and other debris clogging gutter downspout, keeps the water flow free. You’re still going to occasionally clean out the debris accumulated around the strainer, much easier to clear the downspout inside.

EFFECTIVE STRUCTURE: This design works well for needles. Spherical shield head, flow-direction slot gap make leaves stop around, dirty and needles go into the tube. The size can be applied to holes of 2.5” to 3.7”. It’s also one of the most beautiful gutter guard strainer in appearance.

BUILT TO LAST: Made from 304 stainless steel and designed to over 10 years. 304 contains at least 18% chromium, which provides excellent corrosion and oxidation resistance. It’s easy to wash away residues, keep shinning after a long use.

EASY TO INSTALL: Measure the inner size of downspout, no tools required, simply push them into holes. For smaller holes, you can squeeze or use plier to shape for fitting.

60 DAYS WARRANTY: Any questions, contact us emailing We promise 30 days refund guarantee and 60 days product replacement for quality issue.

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Meet Joylight Gutter Guard Strainer In today?s society, people’s life rhythm is accelerated, information is exploding, increasing pressureof life. So we wanted to contribute meaningfully by saving your time, by enhancing people qualityof life, by bring daily living convenient, comfortable and joyful. Our products and brand is centeredon this idea to free your life, enjoy your time. The strainer is a reliable product which saves yourprecious time and labor. You can enjoy more time with your family under the warm roof. Thesedevices stop leaves and other debris from clogging up downspouts and drains.SpecificationMaterial: 304 stainless steel, 14 steel vertical barSize: about 3 inch, fit for 2.5 ~ 3.7 inch hole sizeWeight: about 155 g perColor: SilverEasy to InstallPackage includes 4 piece stainless steel strainers. Just push them in the suitable size downspouts.Note1.Please confirm your downspout size before purchasing.2.You will still have to remove debris if it piles up around the strainer.

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