20 awg Silicone Electrical Wire 2 Conductor Parallel Wire line 200ft [Black 100ft Red 100ft] 20 Gauge Soft and Flexible Hook Up Oxygen Free Stranded Tinned Copper Wire

2 Conductor Parallel Wire: Total 200 feet,Black and Red each Colors 100FT

20 Gauge silicone wire – super flexible 100 strands of 0.08 mm Tinned copper wire – Highly efficient – Super low impedance for a highly efficient connection

High Temperature Resistant Silicone Wire.Temp: -60 degree celsius +200 degree celsius

Nominal Voltage 600V; Bear Current 5A

Conductor: High-purity oxygen-free Tinned Copper

, 0652890996507, 652890996507

2 Conductor Parallel Wire:Total 200 feet,Black and Red each Color 100FT Nominal Voltage: 600V Testing Voltage:2000V Temperature Range:-60 ? to 200 ? Conductor: Tinned Copper OD Tolerance: ±0.1mm Insulator: Silicone Conductor? (1) Gauge:20AWG (2) Copper Number/Wire Diameter:100/0.08mm (3) Diameter: ?0.92mm Insulator: (1) Jacket Thick:0.55mm (2) Over Diameter:1.8mm Bear Current:5A

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