8 inch Buffing polishing Wheels For Bench Grinder Buffer With 5/8″ Arbor Hole White 60 ply Yellow 40 ply 3pcs

8 inch Buffing Wheels for Bench Grinder

3 pcs 8″ x 5/8″ buffing polishing wheels with Shellac Leather(yellow only) Center Hole Reinforcement.

The 8inch polishing wheel with 5/8″ center hole fits most of the bench grinders and polishers. The polishing/buffing wheels will make your work easy and effortless

The Buffing Wheels with High grade cloth is durable, extra long life .

[DIAMETER]: 8″ Face,5/8″ Arbor Hole. H: 5/8″ white cotton buffing whell 60 ply, yellow treated polishing wheel 40 ply.6″ loose cotton buffing wheel 60 ply, Material: 100% Cotton.

, 0653437970691, 653437970691

8 inch Buffing Wheels for Bench Grinder 8 inch polishing Wheels for Bench Grinder

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