Stone Brick Wallpaper Peel and Stick Wallpaper Cleanable 3D Brick Wallpaper Self Adhesive Wallpaper Countertop Removable Wallpaper for Home Decoration Stone Brick Wallpaper 17.71? ×393.7?

_xdf1f_【 SIZE&MATERIAL 】:17.71″ wide x 393.7″ long. Covering an area of 48.3 square feet (6975 square inches). Stone Peel and Stick wallpaper (no additional glue required). PVC waterproof material. Durable and fading without bubbles. Stone brick contact paper can be removed without leaving glue, no damage to the wall.

_xdf1f_【REINVENT A SURFACE】 Vintage stone brick wallpaper is suitable for any smooth and flat surface.Living room, fireplace, garage, backsplash, Christmas decoration, study and TV background, bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, office, walls, kitchen cabinets, shelves, doors and more. The artificial stone brick 3D wallpaper is decorated with ultra-low budget and refurbished home, which is very suitable for renters and homeowners DIY decorators who want to transform instantly.

_xdf1f_【 GOOD SELF-ADHESIVE, NOT EASY TO FALL OFF, NO DAMAGE TO THE WALL 】 Peel and paste vinyl contact paper, good adhesion, if it is not intentionally peeling off the sticker, it will not fall off easily. This vinyl wallpaper can be peeled off without leaving any glue and without any residue. Don’t worry about damaging your wall during the disassembly process.

_xdf1f_【 EASY TO INSTALL AND APPLY 】100% guaranteed smooth and repositionable smooth vinyl coated paper. Self-adhesive wallpaper comes with self-adhesive (no additional glue required), simply peel and paste this self-adhesive waterproof wallpaper. The walls are also very safe. The operation is simple and convenient. Easy to install, just cut to length or shape for a custom application.

_xdf1f_【 SERVICE】If you encounter any problems during use, please contact us by email in the order, we will return or reissue the product for free. Because the light is strong, the image is brighter than the real object, and the product will be slightly gray. You can view product designs from the “Shared by Buyers” section.

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The same brick wallpaper sold on Amazon comes from the same factory.
Product Advantages
* Easy to remove, no residue.
* Easy and quick application.
* Safe without wallpaper glue.
* Budget friendly.
* High quality vinyl.
*Suitable for your home, bedroom, living room and children’s room decoration,Christmas decoration.

Why Choose Stone Brick Wallpaper ?
Our stone tile stripping and pasting wallpapers are a dynamic and durable solution for any stylish home or office decor. High quality vinyl printing with peel and paste technology. This self-adhesive paper is ready to use; just peel off the backing and stick it to any smooth, clean surface. They don’t damage walls or leave sticky residue, so you can remove, reposition and try new things without losing traditional wallpaper!

Paste Method:
1. First select the location where the sticker is pasted, and clean the surface before pasting to keep the surface clean and dry.
2. Hand-held wallpaper is more beautiful than how to paste the wall. When pasting, it is best to overlap the pressing edge by 2-3 cm.
3. When you start to paste, it is recommended to post it from top to bottom along the wall, so that the paste is relatively flat and there are no air bubbles.
4.Use a soft flat cloth to apply pressure evenly from the center to the edge to eliminate wrinkles and air bubbles, slowly peel off the pad and slowly paste. If you feel the position is not full after posting, please slowly tear it off, re-adjust the position and paste.

Please Note:
1. If there is a bubble after the paste, you can use a sharp object to tie the bubble to the air, let the air run out, and then smooth it.
2. Make sure the surface is clean and smooth and do not stick to rough or uneven surfaces.
3. The slight smell is normal and the smell will disappear after ventilation.

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