Saba Air Vent Cover Grille – Acrylic Plexiglass 6″ Round Duct Opening (7.5″ Round Overall) White Finish Decorative Register Covers for Walls and Ceilings NOT for Floor USE, Charlotte (1PCs)

MATERIAL: We use high quality acrylic fiberglass material (Grade A+) which is moisture and heat resistant suitable to cover air vents, ducts or openings all around your house, apartment or office space. The vent covers are manufactured in the USA using high precision laser cut machine allowing us to cut to any shape or size to meet our customers’ needs

MEASUREMENTS: Please order by the opening size. Listed product sizes refer to the duct opening measurements, outer dimensions in most cases are 1″ in each direction. The thickness of the material is 1/8″. The back of this grille is flat with no protrusion which makes it very easy to attach to the wall or ceiling without any scratches or sides of the cover hanging around.

USE: These vent covers are perfect for walls and ceilings, not for floor use. SABA Home Decor offers a luxurious solution to unattractive, stamped-metal grilles and air vent covers that have always been a challenge for modern interior designers.

INSTALLATION: the instructions are very easy and fast. You can visit our separate page on the website for more details. The installation requires only self adhesive silicone so you can attach the product to the wall or ceiling, no screws or any other hard work is required. On top of that it is maintenance free after installation as no corrosion, rust or mold will be formed on this material.

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SABA offers top quality services at affordable prices for residential and business aesthetic and renovation needs. We have over 20 years’ experience, completing projects of various complexity. From high quality interior design with the painting job of any complexity, all the way to custom fabrication of various interior elements. We offer decorating services and complete re-design of interior and exterior walls, windows, doors, ceiling and floor of your residential or commercial property. Recently SABA came up with their own home decor fixtures that are currently not available anywhere else. New Technology of Fiber Glass manufacturing brings the difference to residential houses and commercial buildings. SABA grilles will be perfect for any luxury and modern interior design.

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