Gas Detector Alarm, Portable Natural Gas Tester Detector/Combustible Propane Methane Gas Sensorr, Combustible Gas Sniffer with Sound Warning, Adjustable Sensitivity and Flex Probe.

1.High Sensitivity Quick Respon: Highly sensitive (adjustable) with a quick reaction time, you will be able to detect gas leaks within 10 seconds and prevent dangerous accidents or damages.

2.Small Detector Super Sensor: A 14-inch flexible probe allows location and detection of leaks in hard-to-reach and confined spaces Six red LED’s (visual) and 85dB audible alerts that increase with Gas concentration,super sensor,high sensitivity,long lifetime.

3.Versatile with Combustible Gases: for the detection of flammable gases, such as gas pipelines, propane tank stations, cabin leaks, exhaust gas and fuel leaks, inspection of leaks at the access. including methane or natural gas, propane, ethane, coal gas, gas oil, gasoline, toluene, alcohol, ketone and other flammable gases.Use in struction projects, mines, safety check of gas appliances, oil spill home kitchen or camper and etc.

4.Economical and Green: Low battery indicator,audible buzzer, the combustible gas leak detector features a low battery indicator that makes sure the instrument is charged up before next use. Also, loud audible buzzers installed in the device indicate presence and concentration of detected gas.

5.Durable and Portable :Shelled in Double-Sided ABS, this Product is anti-Mildew, anti-Pest, and anti-Corrosive,wipes clean portable to carry in anywhere.

AS8800L, 0784237727397, 784237727397

Natural Gas Detector can detect a variety of combustible gas leaks including methane or natural gas, propane, ethane, coal gas, gas oil, gasoline, toluene, alcohol, ketone and other flammable gases. This portable gas sniffer can be taken anywhere to find leaks along gas pipelines, propane tank stations, or fuel lines.Gas Leak Detector can be used at home, industries and also in construction sites. When gas levels exceed certain PPM levels, it makes the environment toxic and explosive. Prevent accidents by detecting gas leaks with the Combustible Gas Leak Detector.How the combustible gas leakage detector works ?After the automatic warm up ,when the sensor of the instrument detected vaporous &gas -form combustible compound,the signal variate as the increase tick rate with LED will light up to located the combustible leaks.That help the user to take effective reaction to clear potential hazard. Package Includes: 1 x Flammable Gas Detector 1 x Instruction ManualNote: 3 *1.5V AAA battery required ?not included?

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