Scuddles Collapsible Measuring Wheel Measures Up To 10,000 Feet Perfect surveying Tool For Distance Measurment (Compact Wheel)

_xdd7a_ ? Each measuring wheel comes in a beautiful branded box and includes 1 Measuring wheel and a 25 foot tape measure added since we know that people that use the measuring wheel also need to take measurements with a standard tape measure as well.

_xdc4d_ : Scuddles Measuring Wheel measures in feet up to a 10,000 foot range, providing more than enough for any type of surveying job, It is also extremely accurate measurements on the project that you will be working on.

_xdeb6_ ‍♀️ : The surveying wheel is great for indoor, outdoor projects, also ideal for real estate appraisers, law enforcement, construction workers landscaping workers and homeowners to measure your boundary lines of your property.

_xdc4c_ : makes it extremely useful to measure the boundary lines of your property and neighborhood, The perfect and correct measurements could be used even at park or benchmarked this against a usual tape measures and it will be same measurements. So stop overworking we got you covered on this one.

: At scuddles we will refund you way past the amazon refund date no questions asked. BEWARE Amazon is flooded nowadays with Chinese vendors with quality that does not meet the quality control as us American based businesses scuddles has strict quality control since we understand the needs of the American consumer and we built quality into our products.

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