2 E Track Fixed Shelf Brackets | DIY Zinc-Plated Accessories for Shelves in Enclosed Trailer, Truck, Warehouse, Garage

> WISH YOU HAD SOMEPLACE TO PUT your drink while you schlep that fridge to the back door of your truck? A SHELF in your warehouse that doesn’t get in the way? THIS IS THE SOLUTION for DIY-ers everywhere!

> THESE BRACKETS MAKE IT A BREEZE TO CUSTOMIZE your trailer box truck, van, warehouse, camper, garage! SIMPLY screw a plank of wood onto two or more brackets (this is a 2-pack) and clip the attached spring fittings into E-track rails. PUT A SHELF where and when you need – and store it when unneeded.

> DON’T HAVE AN E-TRACK tiedown system yet? You should think about getting it! E tracks are EASY & VERSATILER, they IMPROVE EFFICIENCY for businesses, and they make personal life SIMPLER. Check out the guide (in images) or download below for more details.

> DIMENSIONS: from end to end, each bracket is 9-1/2″, including the spring Etrack fitting. You have 7-9/16″ to lay down a shelf *shelves not included*. The two pairs of 3/16″ diameter bolting holes are 5-1/16″ apart on-centers; each pair is 1-5/16″ apart on-centers. Weight: 2.2 lb each. SEE IMAGES.

> FOR TRUCKERS, LANDSCAPERS, CAMPERS – WE KNOW YOU’LL LOVE THESE zinc-plated steel E-track shelving brackets.

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