MTB Sand Bags 18″x30″, Empty White Woven Polypropylene w/Ties, UV Protection, 50Pack (Also Sold In 10Pack / 100Pack. 14″x26″ / 17″x27″ Available)

Super strong build sand bags. 850 denier count, 10 x 10 tubular weave reinforced construction. Hemmed top for easy fill , DOUBLE-SEWN bottom for extra strength.

Affordable, reusable, can be used for flood protection, construction projects, driveway, traffic control, erosion control, and as ballast, or for any blocking need.

The bags come ready to use with additional tie strings easy to fill and tight up, double-sewn bottom for extra strength.

, 0746695362497, 746695362497

Sand bags 18″x30″, Empty White Woven Polypropylene w/ Ties, UV Protection, Pack of 50

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