Grass TEC 864 85 Degree Hinge Angle Reduction Clip 80125-42 (25 Pack)

Restriction clip reduces any of the TEC Grass hinges opening angle to 85 degrees.

Easy to install, just close the hinge and snap the reduction clip into the area seen in the images.

Works on both soft close TEC hinges and self close. Also works on DTC hinges.

Helps prevent your cabinet doors from slamming against the wall.

A regular TEC hinge opening angle is 108 degrees. So the angle restriction clip reduces it by 23 degrees.

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Angle restrictor clip for Grass TEC 864 series hinges. For soft close and self-close hinges. Reduces the opening angle of the hinge to 85 degrees Easy installation Material: Plastic Finish: White Protects your cabinet doors from hitting the wall while opening.

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