Gas Leak Monitor for Natural Gas, DEEPLITE Portable Combustible Gas Leak Sniffer Detector, Methane RV Propane Gas Leak Sensor Instrument with Digital Concentration Display, Battery Operated

HIGH SENSITIVE– 1 PPM accuracy, 0-9999 PPM measuring range. This gas leak tester can detect : natural gas( methane), propane, ethane, gas oil, toluene, propylene, butane, LPG, ethanol, alcohols( methanol, ethanol) and other combustible gas (not include smoke and CO/Carbon Monoxide)

DIGITAL DISPLAY – It displays real-time gas concentration, which not only gives you the answer of leaking or not, but also tells you how much the leakage is, that could help you to find out the leaking position more easily

AUDIBLE VISUAL Gas Leak Monitor – LED light indicator will flash and an sound will shriek when excess gas is tested

FLEXIBLE PROBE – With 12 inches flexible goose neck, probe is easy to be adjusted to anywhere that need to be checked, even in narrow and confined space

Widely use at home kitchen, water heater, gas pipeline, propane tank stations, cabin leaks, exhaust gas and fuel leaks, plumbing check, sewage treatment, municipal, electricity, mining, tunnel construction, brewing and other places to testt flammable gas

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Product Details Preheating Time: 30 seconds Range: 0 ~ 9999 ppm Resolution: 1 ppm Sense Type: Sound and light Exceed Level: 2000 ppm Battery Powered: 3 x AAA alkaline batteries Operation Environment: 32-122?, 15% ~ 90% Combustible Gas Like : Natural gas, coal gas, methane and other combustible gas Package Included: 1 x Gas Leak Monitor + 1 x User ManualOperation Guide 1)Install Batteries: Install batteries correctly. 2)Power On: Press ?Power? button (middle) for 2 seconds until the screen lights up and display ?1.0.0? version number. 3)Warming-Up: The screen will count down 30 seconds to preheat. Press ?Skip? button (right) can skip this process. 4)Measurement: Start measurement after preheating 5)Reset: Press ?Clear? button (left) for 2 seconds 6)Shut Down: Press ?Power? button for 2 seconds. This tester is a big consumer of power, please remember to power it off after use. 7)Replace Batteries: When the battery voltage is low, the screen will displays ?—-? flashing symbols warning. Replace batteries in time.Widespread Use You can check gas leak for natural gas tank, stove, fireplace, cooktop, heater, burner, dryer, oven, cooker, propane lantern. Applies to measure and search for flammable gas, mines, construction projects, safety check of gas appliance, oil spillNotes 1. It is necessary to power the gas leak instrument on for 5-10 minutes before measurement if long time no use. 2. Please power off the monitor before replacing batteries.3.The measurement process is to convert electrochemical signal to digital signal, the display may delay 1-2 seconds. 4. The screw hole on the back of the monitor is used to install belt clip (not included). 5. The readings show the real-time concentration of combustible gas, it is not fixed but constantly changing.

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