2Pack DCB090 12V/20V Max USB Power Source Compatible with Dewalt

2Pack DCB090 USB Power Source adapters Compatible With Mobile Phone,Ipad,Camera,Input:8-22V,Output:5V, DC:1.5A

100% Compatible With Dewalt 20v,14.4v,18v Lithium Ion Battery. Perfect To Match Dewalt Lithium Ion Battery. But we can’t make sure none of them will be defective because of the Customs selective inspection, Rude toss by logistics personnel, or products being soaked in water on rainy days or other issues caused by force majeure in the long transit of shipment.

Simultaneous Charging: There Are 2 Usb Ports,Simultaneous Charging,At The Jobsite, 2 Usb Compatible Electronic Devices When Ac Power Is Not Available. What you get: 2xDCB090 USB Power Source Adapters.8 Months Exchange!

Allows User To Work With All Dewalt Slide-Style Battery Packs,It Provides a Fast Charger.Dewalt 18volt Batteries Fits Them.Could Be a Great Accessory When The Power Is Out.

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Advantage: -Two USB Outlets – allow charging of wide range of small electronic devices including mobile phones, iPods and torches -Multi-Voltage – Compatible with all dewat 14.4/ 20v slide-style lithium battery -Bright and highly visible state of charge indicator Warranty 18 Months Exchange!

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