DURA-LIFT Ultra-Life MAX 2″ Sealed 6200ZZ Bearing Nylon Garage Door Roller, 4″ Stem, Pack of 10

LIFETIME GUARANTEE: reinforced dual-wall bearing cage, sealed 6200ZZ ball bearing plus double plating thickness on stem designed for MAX performance and ultra-life weather protection

DUAL-WALL BEARING CAGE: dual-walled, reinforced bearing cage provides maximum strength and lifetime durability

SEALED CAP: protects the 6200ZZ bearings and the high-performance Mobilgrease Grade XHP 222 grease in bearing cage, preventing dirt and grime to penetrate the bearings

ULTRA-LIFE MAX ROLLERS: reinforced dual-cage 6200ZZ bearing, sealed cover, and double plating not only reduces door noise up to 75% more than standard rollers, but offers lifetime operation

TEST RATINGS: rollers specified to perform up to 250,000 cycles at 110 lb load test

DLMR6200ZZ, 0856959007160, 856959007160

The DURA-LIFT Ultra-Life Max 2″ Nylon Garage Door Roller is the ultimate garage door roller kit for your garage! This roller has a dual-cage 6200ZZ bearing PLUS a protective seal covering the bearing to prevent ANY dirt and grime from penetrating the housing. The 6200ZZ bearing has a lifetime guarantee* and is rated for 125,000 plus door cycles for a 100 pound door (12.5x greater than the standard DASMA requirement for garage door rollers). A replacement roller kit for old, noisy or broken sectional, track-style garage doors, the nylon wheel results in the quieter and smoother opening and closing of your garage door. Plus the seal on the bearing will protect dust, dirt and grime from getting to the bearing grease. The perfect DIY garage door project to reduce your garage opening and closing noise by up to 75%! Install it and forget it!

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