The Original Rhino Strong Commercial Grade Air Wedge Bag Pump Professional Leveling Kit & Alignment Tool Inflatable Shim Bag 3 Piece (Small, Medium, Large). 3 sizes for all of your individual needs.

PERFECT FOR ANY TOOLBOX – 3 SIZES TO MEET ALL OF YOUR INDIVIDUAL NEEDS. EASY CARRY STORAGE BAG & 2 PRY BAR TOOLS INCLUDED! Great for multiple jobs and applications such as, Precise Alignment and Leveling. Air lift non-marking shim for window, door, cabinet installations, appliances, HVAC, plumbing.

SAVE TIME AND MONEY – Allowing a single installer to do the job of many. Our Shim Bags will help hold in place and level counter tops, door frames, window frames, cabinetry, and more!

COMMERCIAL DESIGN, CONSUMER PRICE – With rounded corners, stiff durable edges, smooth exterior and internal stiffener for easier insertion, our wedges are designed for ease of use. Quick easy push button air valve for precise leveling with one finger. FITS into tight 3/32 inch gaps and opens to 2 1/2 inches wide with one hand pump operation. 300 POUND load rating for maximum weight capacity.

PROTECTION FOR MATERIAL-Will not damage, leave marks, or scuff material it comes into contact with unlike pry tools, wooden shims or other wedges used to lift, level, plumb, shim and align material.

CUSTOMER SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: If you don’t love it, just return it for a complete refund! NOTE: DO NOT OVER INFLATE to avoid any damage to the bag or valve.

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RHINO STRONG Commercial Grade hand pump air bags are used for a variety of jobs by professional contractors as well as the everyday handyman.
Perfect for any tool box! It allows a single installer to position and hold items in place, to precisely align, adjust, and level with its hand operated pump,
And quick release push button air valve for leveling and deflation

WHY RHINO STRONG? It’s superior quality material and design sets it apart from the competition with an inner AND outer layer of TPU material. What is TPU material?
TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) is a mixture between hard plastic and soft silicone. A very dense, durable and smooth rubber.

The inner AND outer TPU material encapsulates 420D nylon material for added durability and a longer lasting life.
The outer TPU material edges will not fray and wear.
The exterior coating is smooth and will not snag for easier insertion compared to competitor’s outer nylon material.
Resistant to oil, heat, cold and warping as well as being UV stable and anti-static.
Rhino Strong material is 0.8mm thick compared to competitors 0.7mm size for increased strength and durability.
Includes an internal stiffener for easy insertion in addition to a rounded edge design that won’t catch.
It has a span gap of 3/32″ to 2 ½” with a 300 Pound Load Capacity!

Rhino Strong Air Wedge Lift Bags are precise alignment and leveling tools that will not damage or scuff the material it comes into contact with.

Variety of limitless uses include:

Installation of windows, cabinets, doors, appliances, HVAC systems, counter tops, furniture, and more!
Safely lifting heavy object such as a refrigerator to access underneath it.
Placing wedge between door or window frame to create a gap.

Save time and money with the extra hands this inflatable air wedge tool provides.


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