Stadea ABP105Q 7″ Hook and Loop Backing Pad With Rigid Aluminium Backing, 5/8″ 11 Brass Arbor

7 Inch hook and loop backing pad made with premium grade hook and loop for non-slip stronger bond with attachment

Heavy Duty Aluminium body that will not flex under pressure, perfect for flat surface wet or dry polishing

Durable Brass arbor with 5/8″ 11 Thread and center water hole, a must for wet polishing

Diameter 7″ or 175 mm

Max RPM 5000

, 0841674118918, 841674118918

Stadea Series Super R, professional 7 inch rigid hook and loop backing pad with Aluminium body backing, heavy duty brass 5/8″ 11 arbor and Aluminium rigid body that will not flex under pressure. It is suitable for dry or wet polishing of flat surfaces of concrete terrazzo floor countertops and stones such as marble, granite, tiles, glass.

Heavy Duty Aluminium Rigid Body
Heavy duty Aluminium body to stay rigid under high pressure and will not flex, it is designed to polish flat surfaces such as floor, countertop etc.

Durable Brass Arbor with Water Hole
Heavy duty tough brass arbor for durable life span. The brass arbor comes with through internal water hole for easy water flow needed for cooling and lubrication essential during wet polishing of working surfaces.

7 Inch Hook And Loop Backing
Superior quality and durable for strong non-slip attachment that lasts for long time.

STADEA offers industrial diamond tools, power tools, and wide range of tools accessories. STADEA wet dry polishing pads, diamond hand polishing pads, diamond hole saw core drill bits, cup wheels, diamond profile wheels, router bits, tuck point blades, diamond saw blades etc. are durable, aggressive and used in many natural stone fabrication shops, artificial stone manufacturing shops worldwide.
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