RTG Wood Rot Repair Epoxy (Pint)

Clear, two-part, liquid epoxy treatment penetrates deeply to stabilize, harden, & seal rotted wood.

100% waterproof epoxy restores the structural integrity and original strength of the wood.

Once cured, may be sanded lightly then primed & painted, or varnished.

No VOCs, no odor, and suitable for interior and exterior use.

Available in Pint, Quart, and Half-Gallon Kits. Each kit contains Part A (resin), and Part B (hardener).

, 0811932023063, 811932023063

RTG Wood Rot Repair Epoxy is a low-viscosity, two-part liquid epoxy sealer that’s great for repairing dry, rotted wood around the house, such as windowsills, trim, drip caps, decks, and more. It saturates rot-softened wood quickly and completely to penetrate, harden, and restore the wood’s structural strength. Wood Rot Repair Epoxy seals the wood, and prevents further damage by isolating rot, and stopping hidden hairline leaks. In extreme cases of deep rot, drill a series of holes in the rotted wood, and pour Wood Rot Repair Epoxy liberally into the rotted area. Wood Rot Repair Epoxy is also great for sealing new wood to provide long-lasting protection against humidity, mold, and mildew. The 2:1 mix ratio of RTG Wood Rot Repair Epoxy makes it very easy to measure accurately for reliable results. Apply it with a brush, roller, syringe, or epoxy spreader, and allow enough time for it to completely saturate the wood fibers. The minimum application temperature is 50°F. Pot life and cure times are temperature dependent. At 75°F, pot life is 25-30 minutes and full cure is 4 days. At 85°F, pot life is 18-22 minutes and full cure is 2 days. The cured surface can be painted or varnished after light sanding. You’ll appreciate the no-odor, no-VOC formula and the fact that it’s not only 100% waterproof once cured, but 100% made in the USA.

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