Berta, Full Overlay 110 Degree, Soft Close Clip On Concealed, Frameless, European 3D Adjustable Kitchen Cabinet Door Hinges with Installation Screws (10 Pieces)

PACKAGE CONTENT: 10 Pieces Full Overlay Soft Close Hinges and Installation Screws.

MAIN SPECIFICATIONS: Overlay: Full, Opening Angle: 110 Degree, Closing Type: Soft Closing, Adjustment: 3-Cam Vertical, Horizontal and Depth adjustment. These are the main specifications of our hinges, please look at the descriptions section at the bottom for a comprehensive view of all specifications.

FULL OVERLAY DESIGN: These hinges will have a straight arm and it allows your cupboard door edge to be completely in line with the edge of your cabinet. One major advantage of a full overlay concealed hinge is that it is fully adjustable due to three little screws that they have. Depth, Side and Height adjustments are made with these three screws. They can be fine-tuned to ensure the door frame is totally concealed and fits together perfectly.

SOFT CLOSING: The soft closing function is one of the best indicators of the quality of the hinges. The soft closing feature prevents all disturbing noises from the kitchen and extends the lifetime of the doors, cabinets, and hinges.

CLIP-ON FUNCTION: The clip-on hinge is the easiest and quickest to fit, without any tools. It is ideal for doors requiring multiple hinges to be fitted this is because you simply line the hinge up with the mounting plate and push it on in one simple movement, it will then clip on to be connected to your mounting plate. They require very little alignment and make the job much easier when you have a few hinges to fit.

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* OPENING ANGLE: 110 Degree.
* OVERLAY: Full Overlay.
* CUP DIAMETER: 1-2/5″(35 mm)
* CUP DEPTH: 1/2″(12 mm)
* SUITABLE DOOR THICKNESS: 3/5″-1″(16 – 24 mm)
* MATERIAL: Cold Rolled-Steel.
* FINISH: Nickel Plated.
* CLOSING TYPE: Soft/Self Close.
* ADJUSTMENT: 3-way adjustable: Side(-3mm +1mm), Depth(+3mm -1mm) and Height(+2mm -2mm).
* CABINET TYPE: Frameless.
* BORE DISTANCE: 1/8″(3 mm)
* NOTE: Our hinges are for frameless cabinets.


* Whether you’re replacing entire cabinets in the kitchen or installing all-new cabinet doors, you need proper hinges to make sure they open smoothly and efficiently every time. That’s why Berta created Full Overlay Frameless Cabinet Hinges to ensure they’re held in the correct position for many years.
* What’s more, our high-quality hinges have built-in dampers that act as soft-close (slow-close) buffers to help reduce the noise of slamming doors. Easy to install, and easy to adjust cabinet hinge for your kitchen, bathroom, or anywhere else you’re installing cabinet doors.


* Return Items can be returned for refund, less shipping & handling, within 14 days after receiving items. Buyer will be responsible for return shipping cost. Please contact us for return authorization, and returned items must be received within 14 days after RMA# is given out. Returned items must be in their original packaging, never used, and in perfect brand new condition.


* Install your cabinets with Berta full overlay frameless hinges, and you will get the right durable product for your project, and a Brand name you can trust. Berta will always have you covered with unbeatable hardware for all types of your projects. Please visit our storefront to see all the available hardware. All our hinges have SGS certification.

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