Ferrule Crimping Tool Kit, Preciva AWG23-7 Self-adjustable Ratchet Wire Crimping Tool Kit Crimper Plier Set with 1200PCS Wire Terminals Crimping Connectors Wire End Ferrules

Complete Crimp Tool Kit – Every order comes with a crimping tool and 1200 insulated wiring terminals to support small DIY projects and large electrical repairs.

Crimping Tool Peculiarity – Durable and compact structure,for insulated and uninsulated connectors, the crimping area is 0.25-10 mm²

Self adjustable Crimper Plier Tool – According to the requirements of the terminal, it automatically adjusts itself to the appropriate diameter for crimping, easy to operate.

Professional Craftsmanship – This wire crimping tool helps to shorten working hours for electricians, upfitter and builders.

Ergonomic Handle Design – Labor-saving ratchet device. The non-slip nylon handle with lever principle is designed for improving crimping effects.

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Preciva ferrule crimp kit is an important accessory in our electrical work, and this is an handy tool for your crimping! This crimp tool can automatically adjust to the appropriate diameter for crimping. Thanks to the handy design and light weight, you can use with a comfortable grip and can also save more energy. Ratchet mechanism relaxes automatically as soon as the required force for secure pressing has been achieved.

* Ergonomic Handle Design provides improved gripping power.
* Adjustable Ratchet and Lever Action Construction reduces fatigue degree.
* Special Four-Mandrel Crimping Style for Square Crimp.
* High quality crimping standard ensures repeatable crimping action.
* Ideal for crimping insulated and non-insulated wire ferrules.
* Quick release safety lock.

Name: Ferrule Crimping Plier
Material: Nylon & copper alloy
Capacities mm²: 0,25 ~ 10 mm²
AWG: 23-7
Overall length: 175mm
Range of Application: Wire-end Ferrules
Specifications of the connectors:
E0508 :200PCS White 
E7508 : 200PCS Gray 
E1008 :200PCS Red 
E1508 :250PCS Black 
E2508 : 250PCS Blue 
E4009 :50PCS Gray 
E6012 :25PCS Yellow 
E10-12 :25PCS Red
Package Included:
1 x Preciva Wire Crimper
1200 x Crimp Connectors
1 x user manual

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