Legrand radiant Dimmer Light Switch, for Dimmable LED Lights, 450W LED and CFL Bulbs – 700W Incandescent & Halogen, Dark Bronze, RHCL453PDBCCV4

SINGLE POLE/3-WAY DIMMER SWITCH: Single pole or 3-way operation for greater convenience and installation flexibility

LED DIMMER SWITCH: Best dimmers Switch for LEDS, Works with virtually any dimmable lamp and load on typical residential and light commercial wiring (with the exception of 0-10V LED drivers)

BEST SLIDING DIMMER SWITCH: Convenient operation—combines ON/OFF paddle switch with separate slider for dimming control. Adjustment dial allows users to adjust the bottom of the dimming range for a wide range of CFL and LED bulbs White LED enables easy location in the dark.

UNIVERSAL DIMMER SWITCH: Constant memory returns lights to previous level after a power failure. Exclusive black aluminum strap disperses heat to maximize dimmer capacity

Rating: 450W LED; CFL; 700W Incandescent; 120VAC, 60Hz

RHCL453PDBCCV4, 0785007053678, 785007053678

Ideal for typical residential and light commercial applications, the Tru-Universal Dimmer is the simple solution to all your dimming challenges. It works with every dimmable lamp, load, and fixture (except 0-10V loads)How it Works:Paddle Switch Toggling the Paddle Switch up and down switches the dimmer?s Hot terminal between the two traveler terminals, cycling the load power on and off.The switch operates in both single pole and three-way installations.Dimming Slider Sliding to the top-most position sends full power to the load resulting in maximum brightness.Sliding to the bottom-most position produces minimum brightness (maximum dimming)

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