Capstone Lighting 3-in-1 6 LED Power Failure Light, Rechargeable Flashlight, and Plug in Night Light (Pack of 2) – Portable and Compact, Ideal for Use at Home and in Weather Emergencies

NEVER BE ALONE IN THE DARK – this sleek, lightweight 3-in-1 tool serves as a nightlight, flashlight, and power failure light with induction charging technology, making it the ideal emergency preparedness solution. Includes 2 devices

PORTABLE EMERGENCY FLASHLIGHT – be prepared in power outages with this compact rechargeable LED flashlight. Slide it out of the charging base and it’s fully charged and ready to go for up to 6 hours with a 25 meter beam with 4 useful settings (Hi/Low/Flashing/Off)

POWER FAILURE LIGHT – lights for up to 4 hours during a power outage to help guide you in the dark. These clever units feature rotating AC prongs that fit all wall outlet configurations. Keep it charged with no replacement batteries or bulbs required

PLUG IN NIGHT LIGHTS – the device functions as a nightlight while in its charging base. It turns on automatically when the area gets dark to illuminate your home. Ideal to place in your bedroom, kitchen, hallway, office, bathroom and more

A MUST-HAVE TOOL – this all-in-1 lighting solution is waiting to help you out in the event of a storm, natural disaster, or blackout. The power outage light device has a glossy white finish and suits many decor styles. Measures 4.25 inches (L) x 2 inches (W)

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Be prepared during anypower outage orblackout.Blizzards, floods, hurricanes, ice storms, thunderstorms. You never know when they are going to happen. With Capstone Lighting, you can make sure you have your emergency lighting needs taken care of.The Capstone 3-in-1 6 LED light is a multi-functional tool and one stop lighting solution for when the power fails.Designed with you in mind, these LED lights are an essential addition to your survival kit and have 3-in-1 functionality, all in one:-Power Failure Light: 4 super bright LEDs turn on automatically when the power goes out, allowing you to safely get around in the dark for up to 6 hoursFlashlight: It has 4 useful settings (Hi / Low / Flashing / Off) and is always charged and ready to go. Batteries and LEDs never need replacingNight Light: the dusk to dawn light turns on automatically in dark areasThis light is designed for indoor use only and includes a charging base / carry base for each light. It produces 25 lumens of light with an impressive 25 meter distance. The Capstone Light is lightweight and features a modern and sleek design that is sure to fit with any décor. It is designed with a rotating AC plug to ensure compatibility with all outlets throughout your home. Plug-in your Capstone Lighting 3-in-1 6 LED Light to power outlets in your bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, offices, entryways and more.Protect you, your family and your home and be ready when the lights to go out. You?ll be glad you did.Please note that the product packaging has recently been redesigned to be shipping-friendly, with less packaging waste.

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