Brightest and Best LED Headlamp 10000 Lumen flashlight- IMPROVED LED, Rechargeable 18650 headlight flashlights Waterproof Hard Hat Light, Bright Head Lights, Running or Camping headlamps

Forget about those cheap headlamps that use AA batteries… Those days are over! introduces the BRIGHTEST headlamp you have ever used! 3 Extremely High-Performance LED bulbs delivering 10000 Lumens beam (!) that will make sure you see way beyond anything you can find in a typical retail environment

Quit struggling with a handheld flashlight that leaves you to work with just one hand. Be hands-free and enjoy those little moments when it is so much easier and comfortable to use both your hands.

Super adjustable system bands will provide maximum comfort. headlamp comes in a solidly built and water resistant casing; it weighs a little more than a half lb. that balances perfectly between the front and back of your head. Actually, after a couple of minutes you’ll even stop noticing you are wearing it… and the best part is that the LED bulbs are attached to a pivot mount, enabling you to point your light up to 90 degrees in whichever direction you want.

Complete control of your beam from extreme 180° wide lighting area to a narrow long distance in a single simple adjustment. Choose from 4 modes to create your optimal environment. Switch modes from battery saver (1 LED) to medium brightness (2 LEDs) or even to The Ultra Bright (3 LEDs) mode, the additional flashing Strobe (3 LEDs) mode will quickly catch attention without delay.

Package comes with 1 x headlamp, 1 x wall charger, 1 x USB cable, 2 x 18650 batteries,Headlamps come with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. UVER is dedicated to address any product & service issues and committed to delivering a 5 star experience for all buyers!

UV-009, 0730440068178, 730440068178

With 3 heads the headlamp has 4 different lighting modes: 1 LED(low), 2 LED(middle), 3 LED(high), Strobe. The soft band provides you more comfortable feeling when wearing it directly on your head. Hands-free and adjustable design.Also you can wear it on many kind of hats, like baseball cap, construction hardhat or some motorcycle or cycling helmets. The head of this lamp is 90 degree adjustable up and down and will stay steady after positioning. Water-Resistant: aluminum alloy + water-resistant plastic material make it works in rainy weather. (Please don?t put it under water) Specification: 1, Model: XM-L T6 Headlamp 2,Illuminate Range: about 350ft (High light) 3, Material: aluminum alloy+ABS 4, Light Color: white 5, Four Switch Modes: Low – Middle – High – Strobe Included: 1 * LED Headlamp 1 * USB Cable 1 * US Wall Charger 2 * 18650 Rechargeable Batteries ATTENTION: The anode and cathode of the battery when putting it into the battery holder Do not irradiate the eyes directly, as the brightness light will harm the eyes Please take out the battery when the torch will be no use for some time If the light is getting dim, please recharge the batteries Please remove the plastic film wrapped on the batteries before use. The batteries need 8 hours to be fully charged. Avoid using your headlamp while charging.

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