FRANKLIN SENSORS FST602 Prosensor, T6 Stud Finder

Quick and Easy

Instantly Finds Studs – No Calibration Required

Displays Stud Center and Edges Simultaneously. Detects Wood and Metal

Accurate and Deep Sensing

6 Precision Sensors, Always on Deep Scanning, Multi-Sense Technology

FST602, 0853435004200, 853435004200

Brought to you by FRANKLIN SENSORS Inc, The ProSensor T6 stud Finder instantly finds studs, making the task Quick and easy. Requiring no calibration, it?s always ready for use, increasing productivity. A handy tool, It displays stud center and edges simultaneously and is able to detect both wood and metal. With 6 precision sensors and Multi-Sense technology, it?s extremely accurate, deep sensing, and always on ?deep scanning.?

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