Bosch 8-Piece Router Template Guide Set RA1128

Functional: The Bosch RA1128 Router Guide Features a Versatile Array of Six Popular Router Template Guides Including Large and Small Dovetail Router Guides and Two Radius Hinge Guides

EFFICIENT: Includes the Bosch RA1126 Template Guide Adapter, a quick change template guide adapter which allows fast tool less changes of Bosch router template guides

COMPATIBLE: The RA1128 works with many Bosch routers including the 1613AEVS, 1617, 1618, 1619 and MR23 Series routers, as well as the plunge bases for Bosch palm routers

VERSATILITY: The RA1100 interface piece allows the template guide adapter to accept common threaded template guides and reducer inserts that fit into a 1 to 3/8 Inches counter bore

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The Bosch RA1128 8 pc. TEMPLATE guide set features six popular router template guides, including large and small Dovetail router guides and two radius hinge guides. It also includes the Bosch Ra1126 quick-change template guide adapter plus the Ra1100 interface for threaded template guides. The quick-change adapter accepts Bosch ra-series template guides. It also accepts the Ra1100 interface piece, which allows the template guide adapter to accept PORTER-CABLE and similar common threaded template guides (and Reducer inserts) that that are sized for a 1-3/8? counter-bore. This template guide set works with many Bosch routers, including the 1613Aevs, 1617-, 1618-, 1619- and mr23-series routers, as well as the plunge bases for Bosch palm routers.

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