TruePower Straight Metal Hand Seamer, Ductwork Tools, HVAC Tool, 3 Inch

Excellent tool for bending and flattening sheet metal

Slip-resistant bi-material grip for comfort and control

Backed by A-Z with Prime available. Lifetime

Optimal 4 inch handle span for maximum power and comfortable operating range

3-1/4-inch jaw width and 1-1/4-inch maximum seam depth

02-0254, 7439145821820, 870208002546

This straight metal hand seamer offered by TruePower is sturdy, reliable and efficient. It measures 9 x 3. 3 x 2. 9 inches and it has a weight of 1. 4 pounds. It also features a jaw width of 3 ¼-inches, a maximum seam depth of 1 ¼ inches and a ¼ inch depth marking. The 4-inch straight handle provides optimal handle span for maximum power and for ensuring a comfortable operating range. This seamer is very useful for anyone that wants to bend and flatten metal. Always wear proper safety equipment. Lifetime .

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