Huber ZIP System Liquid-Flash | 20 Ounce Sausage | Waterproof and Airtight Liquid-Applied Flashing Membrane B01N5CXVKA

Creates an air- and watertight seal that resists harsh elements

Permanently flash and seal building penetrations

Bonds to damp or dry surfaces

Compatible with most urethane, silicone and acrylic sealants

Best for flashing windows

20006, 0728265210032, 728265210032

ZIP System liquid flash delivers seamless, durable, long-lasting protection against air and water penetration. Intended for use on both commercial and residential buildings, liquid flash provides great versatility in sealing seams, irregular, curved or hard-to-flash areas such as curved door and window rough openings, through-wall pipe, conduit, vent penetrations and terminations of metal flashings. By purchasing this product, you affirm that you will not provide any Products to (i) individuals or entities in any country subject to sanctions imposed by applicable U.S. Laws; (ii) individuals or entities on applicable U.S. list of specially designated nationals, denied Parties, or similarly restricted entities; or (iii) individuals or entities who, with knowledge or reason to know, intend to resell Products to individuals or entities in those countries or on those lists.

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