Sinkology SDAMP9-6×6 x 6 in. 70 mil Kitchen Sink Sound Dampening (9 Pads per Kit)

Quantity of 9-pads; each pad is 6 in. X 6 in. Square

70 mil pads are an effective and affordable way to increase noise absorption

9-Pads will reduce noise on kitchen sinks up to 36 in

Easy and affordable DIY solution for reducing sink noise

Protected by a lifetime warranty

SDAMP9-6×6, 0710882161897, 710882161897

Sinkology copper sinks do not require sound dampening due to coppers natural absorption properties. But for those who want additional noise absorption the sound dampening kit from Sinkology is the perfect DIY solution. Our sound dampening kit includes a quantity of 9 easy to install and highly effective 6 in. X 6 in. Dampening pads. Each pad features a peel and sticks permanent adhesive backing. Simply flip your sink upside down, clean the surface to ensure proper adhesion and stick the pads to your sink. We recommend one pad for each side wall and two pads on each side of the kitchen sink drain hole. As will all Sinkology products, the sound dampening kit is protected by a lifetime warranty.

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