Adjustable DIY Magnetic Window Screen Max 55?H x 36?W Fits Any Size Smaller with White Frame Fiberglass Mesh

Size-adjustable DIY window screen

Powerful magnet sealing

High quality fire-retarded fiberglass mesh

Screen replacable and washable

life-time warranty on magnet attraction

, 6370596335072,

Why Choose DIY Magnetic Insect Screen:

1.Fits most windows: Single/Double hung windows, sliding windows, casement windows, curved/balcony windows, etc.
2.Can be used for windows made of wood, steel, aluminum, UPVC, etc.
3.Easy to install. A magnetic window screen can be installed in 15 minutes. Omit time to measure and save money from custom-made window screens.
4.Changing and washing the screen is completely DIY. No extra maintain needed.
5.Use magnet to firmly seal windows.
6.No screws or drilling. Keep windows’ original structure.
7.Dedicated industrial 3M adhesive, high viscosity and long lasting. No sticky left after peeling.
8.Can be used either indoor or outdoor. High quality material suitable for all weather conditions.
9.Screen frame as narrow as 1/2″ to fit even the smallest area available.

Installation Steps:

1.Measure the original window frame, and cut the strip sets to size. (See Guide figure 2)
2.Connect the PVC with corner connectors to make the screen frame, extend the length if needed.
3.Lay the mesh on assembled screen frame and secure it with grooved magnetic strip.
4.Cut off the excessive mesh around, and place the magnetic tape on top.
5.Lift the protective film on the magnetic strip, and place the wind clip on, then put the protective film back on.
6.Clean the original window frame, make sure it’s clean and dry.
7.Peel the protective film on top and attach to the window frame, adjust before mount it on completely.

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