1 Pair Barrel Gate Hinge 7″ Heavy Duty with Grease Zerk Fitting and Welding Plate by Bobco Metals

Pair holds up to 900lbs and is suitable for heavy swing gates

Made with ball bearings for fluent operation. Welding required for installation

(1 Pair) DIAM: 1-1/4″, PIN: 3/4″, GAP: 1-3/4″ (H: 7″ X PLATE W: 1-1/2″ X L: 2-3/4″)

, 0748613038187, 748613038187

Barrel Hinges 7″ DIAM: 1-1/4″ H: 7″ PIN: 3/4″ PLATE (W): 1-1/2″ L: 2-3/4″ GAP: 1-3/4″. A barrel is a component of a hinge that has a hollow cylinder shaped section where the rotational bearing force is applied to the pivot. It also has a screw shaped section for fastening and/or driving the pivot. A pair of 7″ barrel hinges may hold up to 900lbs. Weld on the mounting plate pin sits on ball bearings for easy pivot. Welding required for installation.

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