POWERTEC 75037 Self Cleaning for Festool CT 26 496187 Filter Bags | Flexible Fleece Filter Bag – 5 Pack

Includes: (5) CT 26 self cleaning filter bags

Function: These replacement Festoon bags act as a pre-filter, helping capture up to 99. 97% particles, while preventing dust from caking/ clogging inside the bag ensuring optimal efficiency

Features: an easy-to-install design with an integrated flap that seals the bag, providing quick and easy disposal from your vacuums and Festoon CT 26 dust extractors

Efficiency: constructed of high quality, tear-resistant fleece cloth, able to capture harmful dust particles without releasing them back into the environment

Cost effective: the bags help extend the life of your main HEPA filter, providing a smart solution to prevention of constant filter replacement

75037, 0709619857165, 709619857165

Introducing the Self Cleaning CT26 Festoon Filter Bags by POWERTEC. These vacuum and dust collector bags feature a unique self cleaning design meant to eliminate dust from caking on the inside the bag of your CT 26, ensuring maximized suction efficiency until completely full. Additionally, it serves as a pre-filter and traps tiny dust particles down to five microns, giving your multiple layers of dust protection. High Quality Design Made with high quality fleece material, these filtered bags deliver an impressive level of flexibility and a heavy duty construction that won t rip or tear. The fleece material also provides long lasting durability, helping to reduce the cost of constant bag replacement. These easy-to-install and dispose bags feature integrated closures that made a complete seal, preventing any spillage or leaking of fine dust particles. Compatibility CT 26 Dust Extractor POWERTEC is a US based manufacturer of high quality woodworking machines, wood work accessories, and a wide assortment of OEM replacement parts. We are committed to exceeding expectations, while bringing the best Innovations, technologies, and product development to the industry.

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