JORESTECH Eyewear – Safety Protective Glasses Case of 12 (Clear)

Meets ANSI Z87+ Standards (a more stringent version than the Z87 Standard)

Polycarbonate hardened high impact lenses with scratch-resistant coating

UV protection for both UVA and UVB light

Hi-Flex Frame for reduced user fatigue and improved hold and lightweight materials for added comfort during long-term use

Stylish contemporary and modern design with a heavy duty construction

S-LSC352, 0817587020075, 817587020075

Stand out with comfort and style with JORESTECH?s line of safety glasses. Made to meet stringent ANSI Z87+ Standards of eyewear protection, these rugged eyeglasses provide comfort and safety during work and play. Crafted to deliver optical clarity and superior visual performance while sporting a contemporary design that provides professional good looks that you will be proud to wear. Lightweight and comfortable, made for indoor and outdoor use, JORESTECH polycarbonate lenses include anti-fog and scratch resistant features. Design features include an ergonomic optically centered base curve radius of 8 that gently wraps around the face providing protection from the elements with comfort that makes you forget you are wearing eye protection. Theses glasses are worn for a wide variety of activities including manufacturing, transportation, construction, education, DIY projects, hunting, military, biking, carpentry, hobbies, maintenance and repairs, landscaping, laboratories, arts and crafts, janitorial, warehousing, sports, etc. Features: Contemporary and attractive design Meets ANSI Z87+ Standards (a more stringent version than the Z87 Standard) Poly-carbonate hardened high impact lenses UV UVA/UVB protection from harmful rays that may cause cataracts, retinal damage, and temporary vision impairment Anti-fog and scratch-resistant coating Ergonomic Hi-Flex Polycarbonate hardened frame for reduced user fatigue and improved hold Soft nose pads for enhanced grip and comfort during long-term use Heavy duty construction Compatible with the JORESTECH S-LSCORD safety lanyard

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