Jet,Grizzly,Power Matic 64 Zero Clearance Insert for Table Saws

Insert Dimensions: 12-1/2” x 3-9/16” x 7/16” – JT-164 Jet/Powermatic 64A Zero-Clearance Table Saw Insert

Made from high-density phenolic laminate with a bonded-melamine surface

Small Jet, Grizzly, Powermatic 64 insert will fitvarious models of table saws.

Includes leveling screws, side and end adjustment screws;pre-cut blade bottom pocket

Please check your Length x Width x Thickness of your current insert before ordering

, 0814310018217, 814310018217

Replace your factory table saw insert with a phenolic zero clearance insert. Zero Clearance inserts help prevent kickback and tear-out on your stock pieces when feeding through a table saw blade. By raising your blade up through the insert, you eliminate gaps between the side of the insert and the blade. This provides with much better stock support than with most factory inserts that come with the saw. This also prevents smaller stock pieces from falling into the opening that exists with factory inserts. Zero clearance inserts can be used with any type of standard saw blade (standard or thin kerf blades) and can also be used with dado blades. It is recommended that if you need an insert to accommodate both a standard saw blade and a dado blade, that you purchase two separate zero clearance inserts. Use one for your normal cuts and one for dado cuts.

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