Genie Chain Drive Garage Door Opener 8ft Rail Extension Kit – Extends Your Tube-Style Chain Drive Rails to Fit an 8-Foot Garage Door – Compatible with All Genie Tube-Style Chain Drive Models, EKTC

WORKS ON 8 FT HIGH GARAGE DOORS: Enables tube style genie chain drive garage door openers to fully open 8′ tall doors.

COMPATIBILITY: Works on Genie chain drive model garage door openers: 2035, 3035, 2033, 7035.

EASY TO INSTALL: Replaces one section of the original rail, the section of chain snaps on to existing chain, to extend the unit to open 8ft high garage doors

INCLUDES: rail extension for 8ft high garage doors, heavy duty chain section, master link, easy-to-follow instructions

8FT TUBE STYLE EXTENSION: Works specifically on Genie Chain garage door openers with a snap together tube style rail assembly

GEN39027R, 0050049020569, 050049020569

This chain drive 8ft extension kit will extend the 5 piece, chain drive tube rail for a 7′ high garage door to accommodate an 8′ high garage door. This extension kit is specifically designed for Genie chain drive model garage door openers that use the tube style rail. Models that this garage door opener extension kit works on, are models 2035, 3035, 2033, 7035

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